Replacement of sockets and switches is one of the most frequent electrical work. Constantly used sockets and lighting controls lose their resource, become unsafe. Despite the apparent simplicity, dismantling a light switch, household appliances or replacing an outlet are operations that require skill, knowledge of electrical safety, the ability to take into account all technical aspects. By contacting a specialist, home owners provide protection for themselves and their property. 

Replacement of sockets and switches should be done if:

  • The connection point is faulty, sparks appeared, traces of melting on the case, falls out of the wall, loosened.
  • Does not meet the increased needs, load or interior design.

Replacing sockets and switches without special tools, skill, experience, can lead to electric shock, short circuit and even fire.

By contacting us, you will receive professional assistance and guarantees for all types of dismantling and installation work.



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