EV charger is a big consumer of electricity. Many hours of charging overloads your electrical network, the wiring may overheat and a fire will occur. 

It is better to trust the installation of such a station to professionals. The work requires taking into account a number of requirements for the placement and technical characteristics of charging stations.  

It is necessary to start by determining the value of the permissible power of the main electrical panel (Load calculation). This value will be the difference between the maximum power of the main breaker and the maximum consumption value during peak hours. An important point when connecting is the cross section of the wires. The stable operation of the charging system depends on the bandwidth of the wires. 

If you have a desire to install a charging station for an electric car, but there is no time to understand the specifics of operation and installation, do not hesitate to contact our company's specialists, who will tell you about all the moments, select the optimal set of equipment, consult on maintenance issues.



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