Electric Vehicle Energy Management System

Deserves special attention, as it can save your finances.

The DCC-12 is a patented Electric Vehicle Energy

Management System (EVEMS) that allows a charger to be connected directly to an electrical panel which would otherwise not have sufficient capacity to allow the connection.

  • A proven solution since 2015, allowing tens of thousands of North American EV owners to charge their vehicle
  • Ideal for single-family homes

Direct billing according to the energy consumed (kWh) by electric vehicles

Avoids upgrading an electrical panel that is at full capacity

  • No additional load on the home's electrical panel 
  • NEMA-3R enclosure for indoor or outdoor installation
  • CSA and UL listed
  • No built-in circuit breaker acting as an intermediary between the charger and the DCC
  • Engineered and made in North America


How it works:

  • Real-time reading of the total panel power consumption with pre-wired current transformers (CT);
  • Detects when total power consumption exceeds 80% of main circuit breaker capacity and temporarily de-energizes the EV charger;
  • Automatically re-energizes the EV charger when the total power consumption is less than 80% of main circuit breaker capacity for more than 15 minutes.


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