A generator can be a true lifesaver if you live in a part of the country with extreme weather or temperature fluctuations. But the truth is that all homes in every location would be better off with a generator. Here are a factors to consider when buying a generator.


You Live in an Area With Extreme


Though most people think of generators as a cold-weather savior, they can also keep your cooling system up and running when the power goes out in the middle of a heatwave. Getting a generator in a hot climate can be especially important if members of your household have any physical or age-related ailments that make them unable to withstand extreme heat.

Someone in Your Household Uses

Medical Equipment

Does someone in your household rely on life-sustaining medical equipment powered by electricity? If so, even short power outages can lead to an emergency if you don't have a backup solution. Pieces of durable medical equipment (DME) like oxygen generators and ventilators often come with battery packs that only last for a few


Prioritize having a generator installed if you'd like to have the ability to stay at home caring for a loved one instead of finding a care location when the power unexpectedly goes out. You can also consider paying a little extra for an automatic transfer switch that will keep everything running if the power goes off during the night.


You Have a Temperature-Controlled

Room in Your Home

If you collect or sell valuables, you may have a room kept at a certain temperature to maintain perfect air quality and humidity levels. A prolonged power outage can destroy the integrity of your valuable possessions. You may actually be able to declare the cost of your new generator as a business expense if you earn income from your collectibles.

You Have a Deep Freezer

Every bulk shopper understands the importance of a deep freezer, which often holds weeks' worth of pricey meals at any given time. Power outages can lead to big losses if you stock up using multiple freezers or refrigerators. Backup power generators enable you to preserve valuable food items instead of watching them spoil.

You Work From Home

If your ability to get work done depends on staying connected using your computer, having power is essential. Remote workers are gravitating toward generators for obvious reasons-even just a few hours of not having power can throw your work life into a tailspin (*immediately clicks the save button). A prolonged power outage lasting several days can be completely unmanageable for people who work from home.



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